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The Earth From Space

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The GeoSphere original "Satellite Map of the Earth" Image marks a milestone in cartographic history. 
It is the first satellite map of Earth, showing the real world as it appears from space. 
The work required one year of effort by Van Sant and his technical team using
the world's most powerful graphics computers. 
In 1988 during the height of the Cold War, every boardroom and schoolroom in the world
displayed maps and globes of the world with every country a different color.
This was also a time of envionmental crisis of great proportions:
extinction of species, industrial poisoning of rivers and lakes worldwide,
and depletion of ozone protection in the atmosphere.
No one knew what the world, their home and place in space truly looked like.
On April 15th, 1990, Tom and his team completed the First Map of Earth as it appears from Space.
The image was first published as the title page of the 1990 National Geographic World Atlas. 
Since 1991 it has been adopted by  all U.S. federal agencies, has been published in
over 300 magazines and  atlases, and is the largest selling image in the world.

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            Tom Van Sant meeting at the White House with Vice President Al Gore

                                                            and Federal Agency Directors of NASA, NOAA, and the U.S.G.S.



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Scientific American Magazine, 1990









  Technical Director Lloyd van Warren and Tom




The Discovery Channel magazine featuring Tom on the cover.

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Earth Situation Room Permanent Environmental Exhibit, Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Washington, D.C.



Earth Situation Room Permanent Environmental Exhibit Lisaberg Theme Park, Goteburg, Sweden, 1998





Earth Situation Room Permanent Environmental Exhibit, Hemiji Science Center, Osaka, Japan, 1994